ps -- list processes

  1. Report a snapshot of the current processes.
  2. Three kinds of options can be used with ps.
    • Unix options
      • may be grouped
      • preceded by a dash
    • BSD options
      • may be grouped
      • Must not be preceded by a dash
    • GNU long options
      • preceded by two dashes
    • Note:  ps -aux is not the same command as ps aux
  3. Note:  When you run a ps command you will get the following:
    • One line of output will be for the process that is doing the work
    • One or more lines of output will be for what you are actually checking for
  4. To see only output that relates to what your are searching for;
    • ps aux | grep httpd | grep -v grep
    • That command will show all httpd processes, but will not show the line that did the work, i.e., grep httpd